CLYTEMNESTRA Cycles of Atreides TRILOGY A. Hades Hell In Time B. Chaosmos C. Posthumous Land- OPERA Nikos Kolesis



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CLYTEMNESTRA Cycles of Atreides TRILOGY A. Hades Hell In Time B. Chaosmos C. Posthumous Land- OPERA  by  Nikos Kolesis

CLYTEMNESTRA Cycles of Atreides TRILOGY A. Hades Hell In Time B. Chaosmos C. Posthumous Land- OPERA by Nikos Kolesis
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NIKOS KOLESISSYNOPSISCLYTEMNESTRACycles of AtreidesTRILOGYA- HADES - HELLIN TIMEB- CHAOSMOSC- POSTHUMOUS LANDOPERA1HADES - HELLIN TIMEAIGISTHUS- CLYTEMNESTRAThis is the black love of Aegisthusand Clytemnestra, the most fatal coupleinMoreNIKOS KOLESISSYNOPSISCLYTEMNESTRACycles of AtreidesTRILOGYA- HADES - HELLIN TIMEB- CHAOSMOSC- POSTHUMOUS LANDOPERA1HADES - HELLIN TIMEAIGISTHUS- CLYTEMNESTRAThis is the black love of Aegisthusand Clytemnestra, the most fatal couplein Argos and History.This is the love of the damned loverswhich scattered death, fear and mercy.The Eternal escape was the exile in the land of nowhereand nothing, the passage to the other world.The Island of Eternal Return became the final destination,the origin, and their hope.The darkness of Hades reveals the hell of In Time.The two lovers paid the price for what they madeat Argos in the man of Clytemnestra,Agamemnon and their two children, Orestesand Electra, existed ruthless Tyrants.Resourceful Odysseus and diverse partnersthey arrived in Hades, in Hell of In Timeto learn if they turn back to the mythical Ithaca,Ithaca of Eternal Return.The beasts and monsters shouting and screamingwhile mangled fighting each other,giving terrible battles up to death.The gates of Hell opened wide and swallowedthe miseries souls.

Myriad people hanging upside down from heavenly stairs and fell in flaming abyss,what is God, what is not God and what mediatesbetween them.2Who sent you this dreadful countrywhere reigns death, posthumousasked resourceful Odysseus.O passionate love is the cause of evilanswered divine Clytemnestra, was caught out in networkspower and sucked badly.What I made no one god or man can forgive.The tragic fury conquered my mind,how to live after these heinous acts.Black bitches Furies chasing me constantlythey want to wipe out, we were burned in hellof In time.Who is your homeland, what is your originasked cunning Aegisthus.The travel never ends replied mythical Odysseus,my name is nobodyso call me acquaintances and friends.ELECRTA- ORESTESARGOS IN ANOTHER TIMEELECTRAResist- resistviolence brings violencethe power anarchist power.There are no big secretsall are revealed in the light of sun,under the light of justice.Illegal lovers, my mother Clytemnestraand her lover Aegisthus killed the winner3Troy, my father Agamemnon,the unholy lovers had set up ambush.Revenge will come from Atreus, Orestes,wandering exile to foreign lands.Something terrible becomes is inside the palacevoices, screams.Me slaughtering my own childrenAigisthus- Aegisthus guards, guardswhere you are, all was lost, leftshouted desperately Queen Clytemnestra.Dishonest woman together with your lover Aegisthusyou killed my father, now will pay the pricewith your own life said Electra.Your father Agamemnon said lied about your sister Iphigeniaand unjustly sacrificed my child.He said he wanted to marry with divine Achilles,shameless brought from Troy his mistress Cassandra,they made two children together.Orestes I am your mother, who she gave birth,how many times a lullaby and I cried on your pillow.Mother never cared what I did to foreign,you forced me and I left to get the power,with your lover Aegisthus.Clytemnestra where are the conspirators shouted Aigisthosturned Orestes, rose the world, came out in the streets,they want to take power.Here front you what you see,guards, guards circle their, does not be save no one.The endless river of blood has no end in the palaceof Atreides.

Electra that rushes naked and unprotected on swords and spears, your body will become a thousand pieces.CHAOSMOSTHE BOOK OF WORLDTHE HOLY SWORDThis inhospitable place became our exile,Aegisthus wild disaster found for us in the hellof In Time.Bad prophecies of Apollo brought the disaster,the big murders will hunt us a lifetime.I painted my hands with the blood of my children,I am the one that killed her children, how to forget,my soul became blacker than mourning οf death.All are moved with make dizzy speed and are lost in chaos,come back with the movement of lighthas over billions of numbers and arithmetic acts.It is written in the language of the great time,immediately understood although do not know the language.Clytemnestra to get the book, it will save us,It is the escape route to the Upper world.The Book of the world cried all together.Aegisthus what hanging from your belt asked mythical Odysseus,a sword, I have to cut potatoes, fruits,what you want it does not cut at all is useless.To see it little said resourceful Odysseus,5It is light as a feather, I feel an incredible energyin my body, the sword is glowing burn that found front him,has incredible powers, you can conquer the world.Blinding light flooded space, convulsed my being,I am another.The sacred sword of light warriors cried all together,makes us invincible, with this will conqueropening, sovereignty the Democracy of Big Time.Damned of In Time I am resourceful Odysseus,King of Ithaca and make the travel of Eternal Return.AGAMEMNON-CLYTEMNESTRAARGOS IN ANOTHER TIMEWomen of Troywe had everything and lostfound us great calamity,alone and desolate we are in foreign,away from our beloved Troy.Who is our new queenI wonder we will appear lucky and will fall into good person,or will eliminate us.Misfortune Cassandrayou were a princess and become a slave.Death conquered Troy, those who escaped became slaves,killed unjustly Greeks and Trojans,on the long-suffering castle of Troy.For a Helen gave their lives for nothing,6for a ghost they fought, the real Helenhad left was already elsewhere.The winner of Troy entered triumphantly to the mythical Argos, King Agamemnon made proud the Argeioys.Returned victorious from Troy, time to takethe power in the city.

The Greeks acquired wealthand glory, military force, grew the borders.Little Orestes will take revenge for Atreus,the offense lost blood requests clearanceshouted entranced the witch Cassandra,the palace of the king smell death.Spun large plot in wild trapthe wrath of Clytemnestra is great,did not calmed the beast, the monster inside her asks revenge.AGAMEMNONThe Night of the great slaughterThe Night of big betrayal.A CITIZENThey set a trap to King Agamemnonkill the king, unscrupulous killers.AGAMEMNONΜiserable pierce my whole bodyto slaughter like I am an animallacerate my bowels7to fly to the vultures.CITIZEN BSlaughter Atreidi, King Agamemnonthe conqueror of Troy,Illegal lovers want to take power.CLYTEMNHSTRAHow many unjust you sacrifice my daughter, Iphigeniafor the sake of Greeks.You took the child through my handsexists greater crime.AGAMEMNONI made for Greece, was the will of gods,my blood is thrown around the all body.Clytemnestra show little mercy, I am your manwe made children together,what will you say them how you killed their father.CLYTEMNHSTRAShamelessly brought with youand your mistress Cassandra,what wanted to welcome you with open arms.With my own hands I killed the Kingas he killed our daughter Iphigenia.AGAMEMNON8My wife Clytemnestrashow a little mercy, so much halfwhy not talking.CLYTEMNHSTRAAegisthus is my manAegisthus is my loverhe really stood beside me,rather Agamemnon that was absent in the war.The conqueror of Troy is deadin front my legs helpless to reacts.His soul was slow to come out, was brave warriordid not afraid of death, only a couple of times whenrealized that the end came, he began to cryand begging to spare the life.POSTHUMOUS LANDCLYTEMNESTRAAegisthus we are the first lovers of Posthumous,the first lovers of mournful love, we createdour relationship on the death of others.By how much nostalgia I remember when kissed in hairface, mouth while combing in the mirror,then we made mad love up to death.Now not even touch me, avoiding even look at me.Clytemnestra looked around you,that I can fall in love again as the first time.Lonely and desolate died Helen all forgotten,nobody stayed beside her.9The People of Darkness did FuneralBeautiful Helen and burned her dead body,no one mourned mythical Helen.The land of posthumously is full of illusionsgives the sense of lost happiness.What I see who is the young man back there hidden,why does not speak what is afraid.Orestes, Orestesturned my son Orestes.Clytemnestra your son asks for revenge,the cycle of death did not close still.Now I know what is waiting for me, my only hope isdeath, that you saved my boy, I had for deaddo not become matricide.Myself was saved from the trap of death,an invisible force helped to escape from bloodthirsty Aegisthus.The ex machina God saved me fromhands of my own mother.My boydo not make that we made, it looked at that we ledin breastfed with heart blood.The bloodthirsty Aegisthus killed my father,Agamemnon and slaughtered my sister Electra.Mother how could and did so many murders,that withstood and murdered with your hands,your husband and your child.Aegisthus poisonous drug, only this will save us,the god of the damned protects us.Νot so fast all now begin said divine Odysseus,Mother what you makenobody forces you to die,10wait, wait why hurry so much.Aegisthus and Clytemnestra drank the poison together,Clytemnestra how to live, how to dieI have no choice, death is freedom.Cunning Aegisthus drifted me in murdersI had good intentions.Alone you chose to follow meNow why do you deny you make backwhy mourn, is too late too late for tears.Diversity Aegisthuswe were not glad neither love nor the power,all left us even our enemies.We are among the deadsreached in the end of travel.To stay together until the end, do not give up,no one knows where it goes, all are open.This medicine will unite us up to the enddying slowly poison flows quietly,the soul leaves smell intoxicating.I do not know who first to mourn,my father Agamemnon, my sister Electra,or my mother Clytemnestra that diesnow here in front of me.Clytemnestra ghosts want to drown us,trembles entire, my chest burning.Had it all and lost, our love was cursed,doomed from the gods and humans.Aegisthus your body is deformed,inflated your belly,foams and blood run from the mouth,you are pale as a ghost.

Misery you took to the roadwhich has no return.11Τhe black wave posthumously,I hear trumpets of death, the soul annihilate,the end -the end of tyranny.Ιt is late, very late we lost the way, the dream,froze, became like wood, no one will harm your bodyon your dead body.Keeps in my hands my deathtogether we will leave, I follow you.The black circle of love and deathEternal Return,nobody does not remain Unpunished.THIS IS THE DEMOCRACY OF BIG TIMETHIS IS THE STORY12NIKOS KOLESIS

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