Merci!: Quand la gratitude change nos vies Robert A. Emmons

ISBN: 9782714443885

Published: 2008


297 pages


Merci!: Quand la gratitude change nos vies  by  Robert A. Emmons

Merci!: Quand la gratitude change nos vies by Robert A. Emmons
2008 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 297 pages | ISBN: 9782714443885 | 10.64 Mb

Robert Emmons is a psychologist who studies gratitude scientifically. Hes also a Christian with a religious commitment to gratitude as a spiritual practice, which may annoy people with a commitment to a non-religious worldview. (He does give almost equal airtime to non-Christian religions, though.)In an accessible style peppered with quotations from philosophers, theologians and writers, Emmons discusses scientific findings on how the practice of gratitude can improve happiness and health, and how to practice and cultivate it.

He also discusses the phenomenon of ingratitude, obstacles to being grateful, and having gratitude in difficult circumstances.Emmons follows the increasingly popular style of making assertions in his text without footnotes, and backing them up with endnotes. Its a good style, combining the ease of uninterrupted reading with the ability to follow up the references for those who are interested.Recommended for both laypeople who want to be more grateful, happier and healthier, and also practitioners who are interested in positive psychology and its applications.

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