Ward (The Third Dawns Watch Book 1) Allison Cappelletti



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Ward (The Third Dawns Watch Book 1)  by  Allison Cappelletti

Ward (The Third Dawns Watch Book 1) by Allison Cappelletti
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Before my father died, he used to tell me and my sister a story every night before he left for the station. They were stories of brave boys and girls who had adventures and a world on fire, but full of heroes who’d rise to the call to save it.I was seventeen when my quiet world caught flame, a body falling out of my locker the latest of a string of murders in my little town. My family was in danger, vampires were real, and people were dying. I didn’t know how it all would end when I set out into the night to try to fight back, but I didn’t think it would get weirder from there.

I didn’t expect to run into the Third Dawn’s Watch, a unit of vampires and their providers who hunt down vampires who break feeding laws. I hadn’t really expected there to be a big enough vampire population for them to have laws, dedicated enforcers, or a program for misplaced youths that, with a couple bent rules, could house a girl who’s extra-curricular vampire hunting endeavors ended up making her a target for a vampire gone rogue.The idea was I’d take a place among the coven’s wards.

I’d keep my head down, stay out of trouble, and wait for the Third Dawn’s Watch to kill the rogue so I could go home. The end.But turns out, big surprise, the world’s on fire no matter where you go. The protections for humans within the coven only go so far and the friends I made didn’t have the escape clause I did. Add to that the hunt dragging up a part of the Watch’s history they’d rather leave behind?Staying out of trouble? Yeah. Not likely.

Enter the sum

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