My April Fool Wives Olin Joseph Tunnell

ISBN: 9781477150030

Published: August 6th 2012


170 pages


My April Fool Wives  by  Olin Joseph Tunnell

My April Fool Wives by Olin Joseph Tunnell
August 6th 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 170 pages | ISBN: 9781477150030 | 4.60 Mb

Olin Joseph Tunnell was married twiceto women born on April 1. He was aMethodist minister married to the fi rstwife for fi fteen years and was damagedprofessionally and emotionally by thedivorce she wanted. After eight yearsof recovery, he married another womanwho was also born on April 1.The second marriage has been successfulfor over thirty-three years.

Ironically,both wives were born outside his homestate, have fi rst names starting withthe letter J, and were special educationteachers who became licensed counselors. The fi rst was a Methodist in Tennessee and the second was a Jewish agnostic from New York.He believes that all losses including divorce and death offeropportunities for recovery and joyful living.

He shares his ownexperiences to encourage the reader to overcome grief and angerdespite painful losses.Olin is an ordained United Methodist minister with bachelor’s and master’s degrees and maintains licensing as a clinical social worker and chemical dependency counselor.

He published his fi rst book entitled Searching Ashes for Burning Embers.In the current book, he has an amazing story to share that willencourage faith for confronting all losses in life. Even after the anguish of divorce, he and his fi rst wife are now friends. Both wives enjoy each other at family gatherings.

He often laughs about the irony that only an April Fool married him.

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