Right on Time - A Novel William Olson



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Right on Time - A Novel  by  William Olson

Right on Time - A Novel by William Olson
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Religious protestors have begun to confront him outside his university research suite. He is receiving harassing phone calls from people in town. His wife is pregnant, and his work on primates has just been published in the Journal Nature. His life is at the brink of rapid change.There are few issues more contentious--or interesting--than that of faith versus science.

In Right on Time, we meet a young intellectual, Norman Novus, caught at the very crux of the debate. His work into evolutionary genetics points to a new explanation of how life on earth changes--one that aligns him, oddly enough, with the religious right. His faith in the power of science, though, prevents him from endorsing religious doctrine, and so he is caught in the crosshairs of two very disparate claims to truth.

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