How To Mend A Broken Heart Amy M. Lucas



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How To Mend A Broken Heart  by  Amy M. Lucas

How To Mend A Broken Heart by Amy M. Lucas
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When ones heart is broken or is breaking... sometimes theres nowhere to go to. This book exemplifies somewhere to go to. It tells you to go to deep journeys where you find the answer to mending your heart.When a loved one leaves our lives our whole world can come tumbling down. It is really true: “love does make the world go round”! And, when a once-upon-a-time loved one leaves, or worse yet, someone you still love leaves, it’s a Jack and Jill situation. It’s Jack or Jill who has broken his/her crown and has come tumbling down.The grief and the accompanying sadness is hard to handle.

But handle it we must. Life does not stop, when we are devastated. The sun always rises…. We curse and swear that all around us is blooming when we feel like we are dying inside. And we ask ourselves the inevitable WHY???? Why me? Why me? I haven’t done anything wrong… why must these things happen to ME?Those questions can take a long time to get answered.

Meanwhile something is tearing apart within, we are screaming a silent scream inside of us and life becomes too painful. The pain becomes agony… and sometimes the agony is so unbearable that we stop feeling altogether… we become numb… indifferent to all things happening around us.

At least this way we don’t feel the extreme pain.But as you have experienced it… this numbness, this indifference is sometimes, even harder to handle than the immediate pain that you felt (when you tumbled down with so much Gusto).There are two pathways to pain.Pathway number 1 is when we feel a very intense pain and there is another part of your mind that is play-acting the sad heroine or the hero inside of you and telling you that this is what life is all about… living life in the grand and painful intensity of the moment….

Ah poor me! The great hero or heroine. You glorify the sad role. In fact you even justify your very existence by pain and after a while you like the pain… it gives you a sense of identity.Pathway number 2 is when the numbness sets in and we don’t want to feel the pain any more and we block the world out and we protect ourselves with indifference. We will not react to anything or anyone. Not even to our own thoughts. Your whole concentration is on creating a distance, a buffer between the world and you. That’s pain on another level.Recognize yourself in any of these pathways?

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